• We provide Total Solutions from Mining to Finished products.
  • We provide services from all type of studies, Technical Audits, Engineering till execution and startup of Projects.
  • We provide all solutions during life cycle of the Projects.


Execution & Start up

  • Commencement of Architectural and Civil Works
  • Foundations and Structural
  • Mechanical, Piping and Electrical Works
  • Motors and Sensors Installation
  • Hydraulic Flushing and Media Charging
  • Cable laying layouts and Continuously Tests
  • Electric Charging of MCC
  • Individual Equipment 'No Load' Tests
  • Integrated 'No Load' Tests
  • Simulation/Dummy Operational Tests
  • Operations Trial/Hot Tests

Execution & Start-up at this stage assistance is aimed mainly to supervise & guide during start of civil & sewerage work, check & inspection of foundations castings, assuring the accuracy of centerlines and tangent lines, accuracy of all center points and elevations/level marks of the project to strictly maintain all quardinates as per drawings, start of architectural & structural works leading from centerlines and elevation monuments, installation of mechanical, electrical, automation, communication and IT equipments & hardware, completion certification of all stages, charging of power in panels & motor control centers, no load tests, integrated tests, cold trials, dummy hot tests simulations and final test.